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This service is no longer maintained and will be discontinued as of UniProtKB release 2020_04 of August 12th, 2020. Much of the data in SwissVar is available via the UniProt Knowledgebase. Please don't hesitate to contact the UniProt helpdesk in case of questions.

Statistics on the 20368 human proteins and 78097 variants of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

Diseases and variants statistics:

Proteins with disease annotations 4407 entries
Disease annotations 6815 blocks
Disease-related variants 36329 variants
Polymorphism variants 39777 variants
Unclassified variants 4619 variants
Diseases 5982 different diseases

Sequence and structure related statistics:

Variants mapped on a 3D structure 2349 variants
Variants mapped on a 3D model 7121 variants
Variants with a wild-type residue implicated in an interface 162 variants
Variants with a wild-type residue close to a Swiss-Prot feature 0 variants

Mapping statistics:

Disease comment lines mapped to the MeSH terminology 1 comments
MeSH descriptors mapped 1 descriptors
Total number of MeSH descriptors (Disease and Psychiatry) 55841 terms, 5462 descriptors