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Statistics on the 20237 human proteins and 75790 variants of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

Diseases and variants statistics:

Proteins with disease annotations 3925 entries
Disease annotations 6137 blocks
Disease-related variants 35458 variants
Polymorphism variants 39815 variants
Unclassified variants 4683 variants
Diseases 5301 different diseases

Sequence and structure related statistics:

Variants mapped on a 3D structure 3000 variants
Variants mapped on a 3D model 7639 variants
Variants with a wild-type residue implicated in an interface 221 variants
Variants with a wild-type residue close to a Swiss-Prot feature 1845 variants

Mapping statistics:

Disease comment lines mapped to the MeSH terminology 4 comments
MeSH descriptors mapped 4 descriptors
Total number of MeSH descriptors (Disease and Psychiatry) 55841 terms, 5462 descriptors